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Wrapping from HUBER Signage

Spice up windows, walls, signs, floors, and much more: HUBER Signage offers you a wide range of wrapping options. By using innovative and sustainable products, we create visually compelling solutions that win you over not only with highest quality but also eco-friendliness. Good for you, good for mother nature, and good for our planet!

Flexible and versatile in use –
Wrapping from HUBER Signage


To make looking down worth your while: Floors are a perfect place for guidance systems, but also for advertising messages. Our wide-ranging portfolio includes film wrapping products for both indoor and outdoor areas.

HUBER Folierung Floorminder in- und outdoor für Leitsysteme und Werbebotschaften

Partial wall tattoos

Raise your building branding to the next level: Thanks to our wrapping solutions, your (advertising) statements constitute significant visual cues that form part of the building environment.

HUBER Folierung wertet Gebäudebranding auf und setzt wichtige optische Impulse

Full-surface window and wall wrapping

Attention-grabbing communication in your customers’ fields of vision: Well-thought-out film wrap solutions for windows and walls constitute important elements of your overall presentation. They showcase your messages to their best advantage and strengthen your image in the long term.

HUBER Folierung Fenster- und Wandbeklebungen für leistungsstarke Marktkommunikation


Eye catchers in individual shapes, colors, and sizes: Whether company, advertising or information signs – we find the ideal indoor or weather-resistant outdoor solution for you!

HUBER Folierung Schilder in- und outdoor als optische Hingucker in individueller Form

Vehicle wrapping

On the road to your advertising goal: Our wraps turn your vehicle fleet into an eye-catching highlight and a special brand ambassador with a wide reach. Put the pedal to the metal when it comes to your advertising!


Vehicle wrapping

HUBER Folierung Kfz-Folierungen machen den Fuhrpark zum Markenbotschafter

For our environment’s sake

There is no planet B. This is why we offer you PVC-free films as an environmentally friendly alternative, completely free of chlorine and plasticizers. And we also care about protecting wildlife, which is why we included the transparent bird protecting film from Austria-based startup Birdshades in our portfolio.

 This revolutionary product reduces the collision risk for birds – without impairing visibility for us humans.

Environmentally friendly films

Umweltfreundliche Folien HUBER Signage

Birdshades for bird protection

Birdshades Vogelschutz

Arguments in favor of wrapping solutions from HUBER Signage

Beste Folienqualität Huber Signage
Best film quality

Outstanding outcomes thanks to a high-quality product base

Digitaldruck im eigenen Haus
In-house digital printing

Flexible, in-house order processing without long supply chains

Präzise Folienplotts von Huber Signage
Precise film plots

Well-trained experts working on state-of-the-art machinery

Eigene Montage- und Klebeteams
In-house installation and bonding teams

At your service – quickly and professionally