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Videowalls from HUBER Signage

Whether for information, entertainment, or simply as an eye catcher: Videowalls featuring energy-efficient LED technology attract many curious glances. In order to ensure that what is seen will be remembered, both the image quality and the brilliance of the colours must be 100% right. When it comes to LED walls, we work closely with our in-house experts from within the HUEMER Infomotion Group: In terms of products, we rely on the innovative manufacturer LUXLED Signage, and in terms of consulting, planning, installation, and maintenance, we work with MULTIVISION, our globally active pioneer in the field of lighting solutions. Together, we develop comprehensive solutions that will amaze both you and your customers.

Conceivable becomes feasible

Whether indoors or outdoors, whether designed as a quadrangle or in another special shape: We provide you with professional and comprehensive support throughout the entire process, making sure that you find a custom-tailored solution that leaves nothing to be desired, offers a variety of possible uses, and dynamically promotes your brand.

Outdoor displays

Featuring a design to amaze in any weather: Even large amounts of rain or snow and extremely high or low temperatures cannot harm these LED walls.

HUBER Signage Outdoor-Displays begeistern bei jedem Wetter

Indoor displays

Indoors, the short distance between the videowall and the viewers means that image quality is crucial. Therefore, we will help you find the ideal solution with the right pixel density in order to always display stunningly sharp images. Visit our showroom and experience the various options first hand!

HUBER Signage Indoor-Displays mit hoher Bildqualität

Transparent displays

If special effects are displayed on transparent surfaces, the visibility of the space behind opens up various possibilities. This type of display is ideal for accentuating shop windows or for use on high-traffic surfaces. We bring the necessary experience to the table and know exactly what you should display and how to display it properly.

Special displays

Anything is possible. And stepping onto uncharted territory pays off, especially when it comes to videowalls. Be it angled or in any other shape or form: Together with you, we will definitely find a solution that lives up to your innovative spirit and opens up new perspectives, pushing the limits of what is feasible.

HUBER Signage Sonder-Displays machen alles möglich
Illuminating Architecture Multivision

For more information and numerous reference projects that might inspire you, visit the website of our sister company MULTIVISION: