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Digital Signage from HUBER Signage

Welcome to a future in which signs communicate information in a digital format, are emotionally appealing, and leave a lasting impression. The uploading of new content no longer requires time-consuming and costly updating procedures. Thanks to the central creation and easy and flexible decentral uploading of content, digital signage solutions are particularly convenient for fast-changing content uploads to several locations.

Digital signage stands for diversity in form, color, and size

The digital future from a single source

The possibilities in the digital signage segment are as wide-ranging as the digital spectrum. Choosing the right partner is key: We custom-tailor your individual solution, deliver the suitable hardware and the required software, and support you with comprehensive network and content consulting.

Our claim: Perfectly aligned comprehensive solutions

HUBER Signage Software

Digital signage depends on its underlying intelligent software. This is why we take care not only of the hardware on which the selected content is displayed, but also the smart technology that makes the display possible in the first place.

Fertigung im eigenen Haus
In-house production

In order to ensure optimum processing quality and highest flexibility, we manufacture everything ourselves: from steelwork and material processing to printing, wrapping, and painting, and through to the production and installation of LED components.

Beratung und Planung Huber
Consulting and planning

We walk with you all the way toward state-of-the-art, fast and reliable advertising communication – with extensive expertise and long-standing experience.

Montage und Wartung

In order to guarantee the flawless operation of your digital signage solution, our technical staff will continue to support you beyond the commissioning stage and help ensure maximum functionality with perfectly timed maintenance services.

The world of digital signage has much to offer.

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