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Illuminated flags from HUBER Signage

Flags are history-steeped symbols that have fascinated mankind since time immemorial. We from HUBER Signage have successfully transitioned this traditional advertising medium into the 21st century – enhanced with innovative LED technology featuring multiple light sources for optimum visibility and brilliance and generating maximum attention in windy conditions thanks to light & shadow effects.

Innovation & quality from Austria

The eyepole advertising mast system offers you countless advantages over conventional advertising systems.

  • Unmissable:  Advertising spaces up to 14.4 square meters and heights of up to 10 meters
  • Groundbreaking technology even in the dark: only eyepole makes your message visible at night with sensor-controlled LEDs
  • Illuminated: Your advertising message will be noticed at any time of the day or night
  • Fully automatic stormproof: only the eyepole rolls up when the wind is too strong
  • Weatherproof: safe even in wind and weather

Hoist the flag of the future for your company – featuring leading-edge LED lighting tech from experienced experts!

Mature technology

The eyepole, designed over several years of development work, presents your advertising message in proven Austrian quality. Benefit from this innovative concept.


Full control and yet very easy to use: the eyepole is controlled via an integrated control unit. The most important functions can be activated at the touch of a button. Basic settings can be made via a USB interface

Huber Signage Beleuchtete Fahnen Steuereinheit für volle Kontrolle

Clamping system

Simple banner change in record time: the exchange of your advertising message is quick and easy thanks to the electronically controlled clamping system, different types of banners with rounded piping or hemstitch can be clamped.

HUBER Beleuchtete Fahnen Spannsystem für einfachen Bannerwechsel


Innovative, top-class lighting system: thanks to specially designed, sensor-controlled LED lighting, your advertising message will also be seen at dusk and at night. An exclusively developed lens system guarantees optimal illumination.

HUBER Beleuchtet Fahnen Beleuchtung mit einem innovativen Lichtsystem der Spitzenklasse

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