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Guidance and orientation systems from HUBER Signage

Information and route descriptions, easy to understand and esthetically appealing: We at HUBER Signage always consider guidance and orientation systems an integral part of the architecture and identity of your building and brand. As a supplier of comprehensive solutions, we are able to design and implement all types of advertising technology in-house and draw on our vast planning and implementation expertise – for both small and large-scale projects, in Austria and its surrounding countries.

Guidance and orientation systems as an aspect of architecture and building branding

Everything in-house – everything from a single source

Whether you are looking for static signs or dynamic videowalls, attention-grabbing pylons or special façade designs: As part of the strong HUEMER Infomotion Group, 

we offer you all the necessary technologies and hold all the required business licenses. Our guidance and orientation systems can be composed of the following elements:

Digital Signage

Welcome to the future: Opt for digital signage that sets new standards through cost-effectiveness, flexibility, and emotional appeal.


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HUBER Digital Signage setzt mit digitaler Beschilderung neue Maßstäbe


Outdoor communication rethought: Multipromo from HUBER Signage attracts maximum attention through highest brilliance – with moving images or backlit posters.


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HUBER Citylights Outdoorkommunikation in höchster Brillanz

Advertising signs

A traditional medium that opens up new perspectives: Discover our multi-variant mounting systems and diverse shapes, colors, and sizes.


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HUBER Werbeschilder als Traditionsmedium mit interessanten Möglichkeiten

Entrances and portals

The first step into your brand world: Illuminated entrance portals to which content can be digitally uploaded and which can also be custom-configured in terms of materials and design, enable you to wow customers right from the get-go.


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HUBER Eingänge und Portale überzeugen bezüglich Material und Design

Pylons and advertising towers

Generate the greatest attention possible: We provide advice on the right shape, the ideal height, and the perfect light, and find a solution that matches your requirements.


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HUBER Pylone und Werbetürme für höchste Aufmerksamkeit

Illuminated letters and signs

Illuminated and custom-configured highlights for best orientation: We skillfully arrange and present your logo, single letters and advertising or directional signs.


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HUBER Leuchtbuchstaben und -schilder sorgen für maximale Aufmerksamkeit

We give directions and enable orientation – on company premises, at airports, train stations, public buildings, and cultural venues.

HUBER Leitsysteme geben die Richtung vor und schaffen Orientierung

All-round support – All-round satisfaction

Beratung und Planung

In a joint effort with you, we elaborate the basic concept and then support you throughout the entire process, including during the preparation of final detailed plans and any coordination with planners and government agencies.

Fertigung im eigenen Haus

We manufacture and customize all essential communication elements in-house, whether they are static or digital. Benefit from maximum flexibility and controlled quality!

Montage und Wartung

Our professional installation teams are fully committed to installing your advertising technology solution fast and flawlessly – and to providing you with our comprehensive after-sales services.